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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Keep Talking, Bobby

Sometimes I wonder if some of these people on the left know how they sound. Yesterday, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote for The Huffington Post that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, and in turn President Bush, are responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

Kennedy cites a memo that Barbour wrote and sent to White House officials designed to dissuade the regulation of CO2. According to Kennedy, the memo resulted in the President's March 13, 2001 announcement that he would not support mandatory CO2 caps.

Kennedy then claims that global warming science is clear and cites a recent study published by a "renowned MIT climatologist" which "linked the increasing prevalence of destructive hurricanes to human-induced global warming."

Kennedy's overt "Blame America First" attitude shines brightly when he states, "Our destructive addiction (fossil fuel dependence) has given us a catastrophic war in the Middle East and--now--Katrina is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children."

So, we went to war with Iraq for oil (what a worn-out and ludicrous argument!), and the Haley Barbour/George W. Bush combination caused Hurricane Katrina! Keep talking, Bobby. With the left advancing knuckleheaded arguments like this, Republicans should continue to win elections for a long time.


Blogger Gunny said...

What a tool.

For more left-wing nuttery, see my latest post.

11:54 PM  

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