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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hillary Unhinged - Again

For several months now, Hillary Clinton has been attempting to appear to be a moderate Democrat. This attempted transformation is, of course, in preparation for her 2008 presidential run. It seems now, however, that it is becoming too difficult for her to maintain the facade.

On Saturday, posted two separate reports on Mrs. Clinton's latest diatribes.

In one, Clinton seems to suggest that if Roe v. Wade were ever overturned, state governments might force women to have five children .

It would go in the direction that I saw in my travels, where, you know, in China they mandated you could only have one child. And in some places, like Romania during the Communist era, they mandated that you must have five children.

In a second rant, Clinton agrees with Harry Belafonte's charge that the United States has wrecked the planet.

Belafonte, speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus, made this statement:

There's a lot of people out here who are really pissed off. Our foreign policy has made a wreck of this planet. I'm always in Africa . . . And when I go to these places I see American policy written on the walls of oppression everywhere.

Following Belafonte's berating of the United States, Clinton stepped to the microphone and said, "What Harry said is so important."

Hillary Clinton can try to sound moderate, but there is nothing moderate about her. She is a far-left liberal, and anything she says in an attempt to appear otherwise is simply a pretense with intent to deceive.


Blogger Malott said...

Isn't she a peach. I have a new post that mentions the lovely Mrs Clinton. I would be interested in your "pre-broadcast" predictions.

As far as the government forcing women to have 5 children... I have a history of NOT being able to get women to do ANYTHING I want... but that may say more about me than... well...

7:30 AM  

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