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Monday, November 07, 2005

A Hoosier Nutcase

Anyone not convinced of the extreme kook nature of some on the far left need only to take a look at the blog Indiana 9/11 Truth . I stumbled across this website this past weekend quite by accident and could only wonder what this guy has been smoking. He is, I'm sorry to say, a fellow Hoosier, but the guy's just not right.

Here are a few quotes from the site:

How angry would you be if you found out that 9/11 wasn't what you thought it was? Would you be surprised if they lied to us about that, too?
Can anybody even prove that bin Laden still exists? There is evidence to support the contention that he is a fictitious boogeyman, created by the CIA.
A few months ago, I ordered a book I saw on called American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone by Four Arrows Press and Jim Fetzer. This is a remarkable book. It makes a very convincing case for the argument that Wellstone was killed by elements in the Bush administration, in order to tip the Senate over to a Republican majority, which would then be able to vote for the attack on Iraq.
God only knows what they're planning as a follow-up to 9/11. The fear-mongers use this uncertainty about "what's next" to make everyone afraid of "the terrorists" as they have defined them (fanatics from the Middle East). But our fear has been misdirected. We should be afraid of the real terrorist infrastructure that made 9/11 happen: elements of our own invisible government, rogue network, or whatever you want to call it.

We have a lot of work to do, folks.


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