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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 in Review - My Version

The worst U.S. natural disaster: Hurricane Katrina - August 29, 2005.
This one's a no brainer.

The worst worldwide natural disaster that everyone remembers: Indian Ocean Tsunami - December 26, 2004.
Yes, I realize that this actually happened in 2004, but it was so late in the year and the devastation has had such an impact on 2005, that I'm counting it as part of 2005.

The worst worldwide natural disaster that no one remembers: Asian Earthquake - October 8, 2005.
The people of the Kashmir region along the Pakistan-India border remember and are still suffering. More than 87,000 people were killed, and over 3 million were left homeless. Many of those are still homeless as winter sets in.

Most widely covered death: Pope John Paul II - April 2, 2005

Most likely to have the greatest impact on life in America: Two U.S. Supreme Court vacancies.

Most tragic death ordered by the U.S. judicial system: Terri Schiavo starved to death - March 31, 2005.
Click here to read my article written on this issue shortly after Mrs. Schiavo's death.

Most important U.S. story that no one cares about: Able Danger.
A military intelligence program that reportedly had, in 1999, identified a terrorist cell operating in New York. The cell included Mohammed Atta and three other 9-11 hijackers. Clinton administration officials reportedly prevented the information from being passed on to the FBI, and the 9-11 Commission failed to investigate or to make any mention of Able Danger in its final report, even though it had reportedly been informed on two occasions of the Able Danger information.

Least important U.S. story that everyone cares about: "Outing" of CIA agent Valerie Plame.
She was not a covert agent in the first place.

Most encouraging international news: Elections in Iraq
8.5 million Iraqis elect a transitional 275-member National Assembly – January 30, 2005

Almost 79 percent of Iraqi voters approve new Iraqi constitution - October 15, 2005

Iraqis elect a permanent 275-member Iraqi National Assembly – December 15, 2005

Best sports story: Chicago White Sox win their first World Series since 1917 - October 26, 2005.
I really wanted to list the Indianapolis Colts' 13-0 start to this NFL season as the best sports story, but they have to win the Super Bowl before I can honestly justify that.


Blogger Malott said...

I enjoyed reading this post very much, but I must caution you: Lists with words like most, biggest, worst, best, and least is the life's blood and language of a total geek. It makes me wonder why I didn't produce one!

I hope you will continue to produce this fine page which is part of my daily routine.

God bless you, brother. Have a wonderful 2006.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Pops said...

A candidate for "Most important U. S. story no one knows about", but which maybe you haven't heard of (I hope I'm wrong): the Barrett report, by Independent Counsel David Barrett.

Another candidate: the cover-up of the Barrett Report by Senators Durbin, Dorgan, and Kerry.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Bryan Alexander said...

Chris, I plan to continue publishing the website; I hope you will as well. I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about in 2006.

Pops, Thanks for the comment. You're right, that is an important story that no one knows about. For anyone wanting to check into the Barrett report, here are a few links with some info.
Tony Snow
Robert Novak

11:13 PM  

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