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Friday, March 17, 2006

We all know that John Kerry is a war hero. Now, add scientist or prophet, I'm not sure which, to his resume.

This morning on Don Imus , Kerry made this startling statement:

I can say to an absolute certainly, and I just got a NASA briefing on this the other day, that if things stay exactly as they are today, absent some unpredictable change in what's going on, within the next 30 years, the Arctic ice sheet is gone, not maybe, not if, the Arctic ice sheet is gone. And already you have the Greenland ice sheet beginning to melt. The Greenland ice sheet, unlike the Arctic ice sheet, is on rock. It's out of the water. If that melts, you have a level of sea increase that wipes out Boston Harbor and New York Harbor. I mean, It's just stunning what we're looking at. And yet, there's no -- Europe, other countries are responding. The United States remains oblivious. Or at least the administration remains oblivious.

Well, of course this administration remains oblivious. Why hasn't a man of Senator Kerry's superior intellect figured this out? Bush wants Boston and New York to be washed away into the sea. There are mostly democrats in those cities. It's the same reason Bush created the hurricane to wipe out New Orleans.


Anonymous Do NOT click on this said...

Two more women have died after using the abortion pill RU-486, regulators said Friday in a warning that brought renewed calls for pulling the controversial drug from the market.


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