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Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is Ridiculous; Please Help

I just received this e-mail from and am copying it in its entirety. If it's important to you that the United States maintain its national identity, please help by taking one or more of the simple actions listed below and by e-mailing this message to as many people as possible, putting it on your blogs, and spreading the word in any other way you can.

ALERT: Back in 2002, PBS did a report on the growing use of ILLEGAL aliens to fight fires. Private contractors, hired by western states to train "hand crews" of fire fighters, began hiring migrant workers from Mexico and Central America, many of them illegal aliens who speak almost no English, who are in the U.S. with fake ID cards purchased on the black market.

In 2003, concerned that having large numbers of people on fire crews with limited English skills may compromise safety if instructions are not understood, the Oregon Department of Forestry decided to take action. Did they decide to require new hires to be able to speak English, the language of this country? Did they decide to enforce the laws already on the books, against hiring illegal aliens?

Nope. According to a new report from KATU-TV, they enacted a new law that requires firefighter crew bosses to be BILINGUAL... or lose their jobs.

You read that right. Instead of requiring new firefighter recruits to speak English -- or even be here LEGALLY -- they decided to require crew bosses to speak SPANISH, or be demoted or fired.

And now it's actually happening.

Jaime Pickering, a Crew Boss overseeing 20 firefighters, was demoted in rank to Squad Boss because he refused to be forced to learn Spanish -- and then was busted all the way down in rank when he went public with his story. Others are actually losing their jobs over this.

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. At a time when Americans are demanding that the federal government secure the border against the illegal alien invasion, English-speaking heroes like Jaime Pickering are being demoted, and even fired, for refusing to bow to politically-correct pressures from pro-illegal alien forces inside the government.

TAKE ACTION: Pickering was willing to step forward and tell the world what these government officials are doing -- and now he's paying the price. Isn't it time the government officials "paid a price" of their own?

We've set up our site so you can send a FREE message, directly to the Oregon Forestry Department's Fire Program Director, protesting the demotion and firing of firefighters, just because they speak English instead of Spanish. Click below NOW to send a message demanding that the Department *reverse* its new enforcement policy on requiring Spanish-speaking fire fighting contractors:

NOTE: You can also call the Fire Program Director, Bill Lafferty, at 503-945-7435 to voice your opinion. For more information on this issue see:

"Oregon Fire Officials Demoted for 'Not' Speaking Spanish!" (FoxNews Channel)

"Bilingual Fire Boss Rule Stirs Controversy" (KATU-TV News)

"Fire Policy" (NewsHour with Jim Lehrer)

Be sure to send this Alert to everyone you know who wants to protest the demotion and firing of non-Spanish-speaking firefighters. Thank you!


William Greene, President


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