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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mother Leaves Unwanted Newborn in Trash Can: What Would Obama Do?

Yesterday police arrested a 17-year old woman on the charge of felony child abuse after she gave birth to her baby in the restroom of a Denny’s restaurant near Disneyland in Anaheim, California, then left the baby to die in the trash can inside the restroom.

The baby was found by a Denny’s customer, paramedics were called, and the baby is said to be in good condition.

Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez said that anyone who has a baby and doesn’t want it should surrender it to a hospital or another safe haven location. Under California’s Safely Surrendered Baby Law, a parent may surrender a baby within three days of birth without fear of prosecution.

Most rational people would think that Sgt. Martinez's solution would be better than allowing the baby to die by discarding it in the trash. However, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may not agree.

Mr. Obama doesn’t have a problem with allowing unwanted newborn babies to die. He proved that in 2002 when, as an Illinois legislator, he voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act which would have required medical attention for babies who survived an attempted abortion by premature inducement. The bill required that these unwanted, but born alive, babies be given the same medical attention as wanted babies who were born prematurely.

Obama’s message is clear: a newborn baby deserves medical care only if he or she is wanted by the mother. If the baby is not wanted, allow the baby to die.

The 17-year old mother in Anaheim didn’t want her baby, so by Mr. Obama’s reasoning, what was wrong with leaving the baby in the trash to die?

Maybe if Obama is elected President, he can issue this mother a pardon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama was a supporter of safe haven legislation when he was a state senator in Illinois.

Now go figure this one! Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle (R) just vetoed safe haven legislation in her state, and was overridded by a Dem controlled legislature. She flew in the face of the GOP stance where 60% of Govs signing safe haven laws were Republicans, including Bush, Bush, Huckabee, Romney, Pataki and more.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Bryan Alexander said...

I'm not familiar with the legislation vetoed by Gov. Lingle in Hawaii or her reasons for the veto. Obviously, I think a safe haven law is a good thing, and I'm glad Obama supported it in Illinois.

The main point of my post, however, is not really about safe haven laws; it's about Obama's opposition to the the Induced Infant Liability Act. To think that a baby, born alive and lying there in the hospital, does not deserve medical treatment just because the mother wants him or her dead is outrageous and barbaric!

10:12 AM  

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