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Thursday, July 28, 2005

George W. Bush - A Man of His Word

George W. Bush made a campaign promise that as President he would nominate strict constructionists for judicial positions. When the first Supreme Court vacancy opened, many on the right, myself included, were apprehensive. There was a great deal of pressure on the President to capitulate to the left and nominate a more moderate candidate.

In John Roberts, it seems as though the President has been true to those who have twice voted him into office. While it's difficult to know for certain what kind of judge a person will be until he or she has been on the bench for several years, it's difficult not to be enthusiastic about Judge Roberts.

History will tell what kind of judge he turns out to be; however, we do not need history to judge President Bush. He has shown, once again, that he is a man of his word.


Blogger Malott said...

I hope you're right about Judge Roberts. But Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush no.1 have all been fooled by these guys. Still, there are some compelling indications that he may be a strict constructionist.

Have you read David Limbaugh's article about the Senate hearings for Roberts? He takes a different look at possible questions that should be asked. You can access it on my page. I would be intersted in your thoughts.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Bryan Alexander said...

-But Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush no.1 have all been fooled by these guys.

You're right about that. No one, including the President, can see into the future to know how Roberts will turn out. As I said, history will tell. My main point, though, is that whatever history eventually records about Judge Roberts, it does look as though Bush has honestly tried to nominate a strict constructionist.

Before he made his selection, I and thousands of others sent e-mails to the White House asking the President to not listen to political compromisers and to keep his campaign promise to nominate a judge like Thomas and Scalia.

I think it's important to let the President know that we appreciate his selection because, more than likely, he will have to nominate at least one more Supreme Court judge, and we will once again be expecting him to do what we have elected him to do.

11:31 PM  

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