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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wake Up, Indiana!

Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Charles Schumer… what do these names have in common? They are some of the most left-wing liberals in the Democrat party. They are also among the small, 22% minority of Senators who voted against the confirmation of John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the United States. Add one name to that list: Evan Bayh. That’s correct. The so-called “moderate” Democrat from the red-state of Indiana is now officially part of the Lefties-R-Us club. Actually, he’s been part of that club for a long time; the people of Indiana have just not been awake to that fact. Well, wake up and smell the coffee, folks. More importantly, remember who Bayh really is when he next runs for re-election. And if he gets the Democratic nomination for President, let’s make sure we’re not bamboozled by his moderate sounding rhetoric or enamored with the idea of having a Hoosier in the White House. Evan Bayh is a liberal who couldn’t care less about representing the conservative ideals of the vast majority of people in our state. Let’s make sure we don’t forget that the next time we’re in the voting booth.


Blogger Malott said...

Its good to see that you're keeping an eye on Evan, too. I imagine "Himself" will also have something to say about Evan's vote on his radio show this coming Monday.

8:45 AM  

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