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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DNC Releases List of Better Choices Than Tony Snow for White House Press Secretary

Following President Bush's announcement today that former Fox News host Tony Snow would replace Scott McClellan as the White House press secretary, the Democratic National Committee issued a statement critical of the selection.

The American people should get ready for another Snow job from the Bush White House.

...Tony Snow represents more of the same, not the fresh start the Administration needed. This is an interdepartmental move from one part of the conservative infrastructure to another that allows a darling of the right-wing to deliver the same misleading message, cherry-picked information and spin to the American people.
Shortly after this statement was released, DNC Chairman Howard Dean released this follow-up statement.

I just received a phone call from Nancy Pelosi, and she reminded me that she's been working hard to put together an agenda to help the Democrat Party overcome the image of being the party without an agenda, the party that does nothing but criticize the other party. She reminded me that it's not enough for us to criticize the other guys; we have to have our own ideas, like affordable access to broadband for every American, for example.

Let me assure everyone that the criticism of Tony Snow is not all we have. We do, in fact, have ideas. We have better ideas than the President about who would have been a better selection than Mr. Snow for White House press secretary.

How about Barbara Streisand; she would be a good one. She could even sing press releases to the American people. That would be cool. Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks could do that, too. How about Michael Moore? He's a well-spoken guy. He would probably even shave and comb his hair for a job like that. Another good choice would have been Martin Sheen. Heck, he even plays a President on television, so you know he's qualified. What about Jesse Jackson? He has a way with words; plus, it would be good if he had an actual job. Speaking of jobs, Al Franken would be really good, and with Air America losing more than a third of its audience in the past year, he might need the job pretty soon.

There are lots of people who would have made a better choice for White House press secretary than Tony Snow. I've listed several of them.

See, we are a party of ideas.


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