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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Left is Out of Touch, as Usual

When the USA Today reported that "The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans," other mainstream media outlets were ecstatic. You could almost hear them panting at this latest opportunity to show the American people what a fascist, power-hungry tyrant George W. Bush is.

The Washington Post began its report with this startling announcement: "The Bush administration has secretly been collecting the domestic telephone records of millions of U.S. households and businesses..."

The New York Times reported that "Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike demanded answers from the Bush administration on Thursday about a report that the National Security Agency had collected records of millions of domestic phone calls...

The Los Angeles Times ran with this headline: "Report of NSA Phone Database Ignites Furor"

As the media was basking in the glory of reporting this shocking news, Democratic politicians began to swagger, with support from at least one RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) was quite concerned about this privacy issue: "We need to take this seriously, more seriously than some other matters that might come before the committee because our privacy as American citizens is at stake... We’re talking about the most fundamental issue of privacy for America and its citizens."

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) scolded his colleagues in Congress for allowing the administration to keep the American people in the dark: "Shame on us for being so willing to rubber-stamp anything this administration does. The Republican-controlled Congress refuses to ask questions, so we have to pick up the paper to find out what is going on.... It is our government, it's not one party's government. It's America's government. Those entrusted with great power have a duty to answer to Americans what they are doing."

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is concerned for the constitution: "I happen to believe we are on our way to a major constitutional confrontation on Fourth Amendment guarantees of unreasonable search and seizure."

Senator Arlen Specter (RINO-PA) is going to subpoena executives from AT&T, Verizon, and BellSouth in order to get to the bottom of all this: “When we can’t find out from the Department of Justice or other administration officials, we’re going to call on those telephone companies to provide information to try to figure out exactly what’s going on.”

So the media, the Dems, and the RINO's are looking out for the American people, but what do the American people think about the NSA's collection of phone records?

Answer: We Don't Care!

An ABC News/Washington Post poll reported that 63% of Americans said that the collecting of phone records is acceptable, while only 35% said that it is not acceptable.

When asked, "Would it bother you if there was a record of your phone calls," 66% said that it would not bother them; only 34% said that it would.

In answer to the question of which is more important, investigating threats or respecting privacy, 65% said that it is more important for the government to investigate threats.

So while the left are troubled and concerned about the NSA's collection of phone records, there is one more thing they are as well: out of touch with the American people.

Of course, that's nothing new.


Blogger SkyePuppy said...

When asked, "Would it bother you if there was a record of your phone calls," 66% said that it would not bother them; only 34% said that it would.

Hello? There already is a record of my phone calls, and I have the bills every month that proves it.

At any time, the government could subpoena my call records for criminal cases or civil cases or whatever.

My understanding, from a brief pause at Fox News over the weekend, is that the phone records being collected by the NSA have no names attached to them. Just phone numbers.

This is just one more yawn that the MSM is making into an ear-numbing, anti-Bush scream.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

I personally don't care at all if my phone calls are "wire-tapped". While I understand the need for the right of citizens to have privacy, I also understand that if I want the government to be able to do their job and protect me, then I might have to give up some of those rights.

If I found out that my phone records were being used for anything other than national security purposes, of course, that would be unacceptable. However, I'm not worried about Big Brother eavesdropping on my phone calls. Big Brother would be bored to tears and give up on me in a heartbeat.

3:11 PM  

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