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Monday, May 08, 2006

S.22 a Step in the Right Direction

Last week a liberal acquaintance of mine began talking to me about the need for a national health care plan paid for by our tax dollars. Of course, I indicated to him that I was not in favor of taxpayer-financed health care, but I do believe that there are some changes needed in our current health care system.

One needed change is to limit the liability resulting from runaway numbers of frivolous lawsuits. S.22, a bill known as the "Medical Care Access Protection Act of 2006," was introduced in the Senate on May 3rd. The purpose of S.22 is "To improve patient access to health care services and provide improved medical care by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the health care delivery system."

While medical liability reform won't solve all the problems associated with our health care system, it's a good place to start.

UPDATE: The New York Times is reporting today that "Democrats served notice last week that they have enough votes to block" S.22 and a similar bill that would apply only to litigation against obstetrician-gynecologists from coming to the floor for a vote.

Go figure. That's just one more example of Democrats earning their reputation as the party of obstruction.


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