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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Karl Rove listens to The Peter Heck Show

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of guest-hosting The Peter Heck Show, a local Christian conservative talk radio show. On the broadcast, I made the prediction that, in spite of what we are all hearing in the media, democrats will not take control of either the House or the Senate in next month's election. I agreed that democrats would almost certainly gain some seats, but stated that it will not be enough to gain a majority in either chamber.

Today, The Washington Times reports, "White House political strategist Karl Rove yesterday confidently predicted that the Republican Party would hold the House and the Senate in next month's elections..."

Obviously, Karl Rove listens to The Peter Heck Show, was listening the day I made that prediction, and agrees with me. Of course, we'll both have to wait until November 7th to be proven right or wrong, but I'm pretty confident.

So there it is. It's in writing. That's my prediction, and I'll stick with it.


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