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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Loving, Tolerant Left

Those on the left are often telling us that we right-wingers are intolerant hate-mongers. We should be more like they are: tolerant, loving, and open to all viewpoints.

On Tuesday, former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo saw first-hand just how tolerant and loving the left can be. Tancredo, an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration into the United States, was on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill to give a speech opposing in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants.

While he was speaking, protesters were gathered outside the door, chanting, "There's no debate, no space for hate." Wait a minute. No debate? I thought these people were open to all viewpoints. Oh, they must mean that they are open to all viewpoints that are in agreement with their viewpoint.

Well, at least the “no space for hate” part of the chant shows that leftists don’t hate like we right-wing extremists do. When the protests escalated and a window was shattered, I’m sure it was done in a most loving manner. I’m also sure that as Tancredo left, unable to finish his speech, he felt the warmth of the left’s loving embrace.

I just wish that we intolerant right-wing extremist hate-mongers could somehow learn to be as loving and accepting of others as what the left is.


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