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Sunday, January 03, 2010

How long will the world believe the global warming nonsense?

Yeah, I know. You can't base world climate trends on isolated current weather conditions. But you have to wonder how many isolated current weather conditions you need before you can start to see a pattern, especially when so many of the current weather conditions involve weather records.

The following are just a few of the weather headlines over the last few years:

Record Cold, Snow in Southern California!
Los Angeles, California - January 12, 2007

Record cold takes a toll on crops
Morgantown, West Virginia - April, 9, 2007

Haryana, Punjab record cold temperatures
Haryana, India - November 3, 2007

Record Cold for Northern Minn: 40 Below
International Falls, Minnesota - February 11, 2008

Record cold kills cattle and rice in Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam - February 13, 2008

Weekend cold set new record lows:
Pendleton breaks 118-year-old record

Pendleton, Oregon - October 13, 2008

Record cold swept over the region Wednesday
Ocala, Florida - October 30, 2008

Record cold weather payouts triggered as temperature hits -11C
Great Britain - January 6, 2009

Flint's 95-year-old record low falls as 19 below zero hits city
Flint, Michigan - January 14, 2009

Iowa sees record cold
Des Moines, Iowa - October 12, 2009

Record cold hits Sacramento
Sacramento, California - Dec. 8, 2009

Record cold conditions kill nine people in Czech Republic
Czech Republic - December 21, 2009

Now, here are a few current headlines:

U.S. East Coast Faces Deep Freeze; Florida Oranges Threatened
East Coast, United States - January 2, 2010

Peru's mountain people face fight for survival in a bitter winter
Pichccahuasi, Peru - January 3, 2010

Siberian winds usher in record lows in Beijing
Beijing, China - January 4, 2010

See any trends? Just askin'.


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