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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ron Herrell is running a Deceitful Campaign in the Race for Indiana's District 30 State Representative

    Ron Herrell is a candidate who is desperate to keep his seat.  He’s so desperate, in fact, that he has resorted to deceiving the very voters that he hopes will trust him as their representative.
     Herrell’s recent ad campaign refers to his opponent Mike Karickhoff as “Tax-Hike Mike” and criticizes Karickhoff for raising taxes on his constituents while voting to give himself a taxpayer-funded pay raise.  What Herrell’s ads don’t tell us amounts to nothing less than deceit by omission.
     The tax increase that Herrell claims Karickhoff voted for was the Local Option Income Tax (LOIT), designed to help replace revenue lost as a result of the property tax reduction. 
     Harrell’s criticism of Karickhoff’s LOIT vote is not only deceiving, it’s blatantly hypocritical.  At the same Kokomo City Council meeting where Mike Karickhoff cast this vote, Herrell himself spoke in favor the LOIT, and the measure passed unanimously.
     Herrell’s campaign also states that Karickhoff gave himself a taxpayer funded pay raise.  Again, Harrell is attempting to deceive the voters by not mentioning that Karickhoff voted to rescind all Council pay raises before they ever took effect.
     Ron Herrell is running a deceitful and hypocritical campaign.  If he can’t be trusted to run an honest campaign, he can’t be trusted as District 30’s representative.


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