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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Never Miss a Chance to make a Political Statement

In true modern-day liberal form, Harry Reid never misses a chance to make a political statement.

"One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Tuesday, stressing the need to pass the Democrats’ comprehensive energy package.

Moments later, when asked by a reporter if he really believed global warming caused the fires, he appeared to back away from his comments, saying there are many factors that contributed to the disaster.

These people are truly shameless.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Results of the previous Right Thinking "Web Poll"

Here are the final results of the previous "Web Poll" held on this website.

Of course, the poll is highly unscientific, but the results are interesting never-the-less.

Question: "Which Democrat presidential candidate would be most likely to win in the fall general election?"

-Hillary Clinton (4) 22%
-Barack Obama (4) 22%
-John Edwards (0) 0%
-Other (2) 11%
-It doesn't matter. The Democrat candidate will most likely win regardless of who it is. (2) 11%
-It doesn't matter. The Democrat candidate will most likely lose regardless of who it is. (6) 33%

Be sure to make known your opinion on the latest Ann Coulter controversy by voting in the new Right Thinking "Web Poll."

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Channel One Oversight?

Channel One News, which is broadcast daily to nearly 30 percent of all American teens in high school classrooms across the country, claims to have “maintained the highest standards of journalistic excellence, and its commitment as a source of unbiased, truthful reporting.” If you watch Channel One very often, however, you will notice a steady lineup of reports on global warming which presuppose not only that global warming is real, but that it is man-made, and that if we don’t change our lifestyles, global catastrophe is imminent.

On the December 7, 2006 broadcast, for example, a broadcast that featured an interview with self-proclaimed climate guru Al Gore, Channel One correspondent Eileen Wu explains to her captive student audience that global warming “happens when air pollution like carbon dioxide gets trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide comes from the gas that fuels your car, the coal that heats your home, the electricity that powers your lights.”

The April 20, 2007 broadcast was especially informative. Alexander Marquardt reported on a visit to Springfield High School in Springfield Tennessee by singer and environmental activist Sheryl Crow and Laurie David, one of the producers of Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth.

In this report, we hear David tell Springfield students, “We now have less than ten years to slow global warming down, or else we set ourselves on a course we will not be able to correct.”

In an interview with Marquardt, Crow states, “...this movement has to be the biggest movement that we will ever know in our lifetime, and high school students are talking about it; they’re concerned about it...”

As a hard-hitting journalist determined to present both sides of the issue, Marquardt asks Crow and David this tough question:

I spoke to the kids beforehand, and there are a fair number of non-believers. How do you get your message across to those non-believers, and how do you do it without engaging in, in a scare campaign?

David fielded that tough question beautifully and with obvious scientific certainty:

The non-believers are just misinformed, ok, because this isn’t a theory anymore, this isn’t really an – it’s not an opinion - it’s a fact, ok, this is, you know, it’s based on fact, the science is in, and there is, you know, really complete consensus from all serious peer reviewed scientists that this is happening.

As the report nears an end, Marquardt informs us that “A main goal of the road trip is to get people to join a virtual march by signing an online petition at” We then listen to David imploring the Springfield students, “Let's do it virtually, on the internet, every day, until we’re a million strong. Let's combine all our voices into one clear cry for action.”

After David's plea to the Springfield students, Marquardt's voice-over informs the Channel One audience, “To sign up for the virtual march Laurie and Sheryl were talking about, head to and click on Environment 101.“

Today’s Channel One broadcast featured a story on Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize award. In this story, Channel One reporter Chris Browne states, “The Nobel prize represents an important acknowledgement of Gore’s take on the global warming issue, and many are demanding the U.S. take a more active role in limiting its production of greenhouse gasses, which many say are the primary cause of global warming.”

After watching yet another opportunity for Channel One to discuss global warming, I decided to head to and click on Environment 101 as Alexander Marquardt had encouraged students to do back in April. On this page, students will see a link “How to Help: Stop Global Warming.” Clicking on that link will take students to Here students are urged to “Take Action at School,” and students read the following:

Throughout history, students have been the driving force in social change. Now more than ever is the time for students across the country to become global warming activists and join the movement.

On this page you will find tips for stopping global warming that your class or school can do today. You don't have to do everything, but we all need to do something! Get started in your school and keep us posted with results.

Twenty-three “tips for stopping global warming” are then listed. The fourth “tip” listed reads as follows:

• Watch An Inconvenient Truth
Encourage administrators to make watching An Inconvenient Truth and Too Hot Not to Handle required viewing, the way it already is in Sweden and Norway, and make Stop Global Warming: The Solution is You! required reading at your school.

So, the Channel One website links to a site that wants schools to require students to see these two global warming films and to require students to read a book on global warming ; however, because Channel One claims to have maintained its commitment to unbiased reporting, I began to look for links on the Channel One website that would take me to sites presenting the other side of the issue.

I searched for a link that would take me to a report on the recent lecture at UNC Charlotte in which world renown meteorologist Dr. William Gray said, "We're brainwashing our children...They're going to the Gore movie (An Inconvenient Truth) and being fed all this. It's ridiculous."

Dr. Gray concedes that warming has occurred, but claims the natural cycle of ocean water temperatures is the cause, and that the same natural cycle will result in a period of global cooling, which will begin soon.

We'll look back on all of this in 10 or 15 years and realize how foolish it was.
The human impact on the atmosphere is simply too small to have a major effect on global temperatures.
It bothers me that my fellow scientists are not speaking out against something they know is wrong... But they also know that they'd never get any grants if they spoke out. I don't care about grants.

For some strange reason, there is no link on the Channel One website to any site reporting on Dr. Gray’s lecture, nor is there any link to any other website or report that questions the reality of human-caused global warming.

I can't fathom why Channel One wouldn't have such links on their website; it must just be an oversight. After all, Channel One is committed to “unbiased, truthful reporting.”

Monday, October 08, 2007

Steps to Becoming an Advisor for Hillary Clinton

Would you like to work for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign? Just follow these seven easy steps.

1. Steal classified terrorism documents from the National Archives.
2. Destroy the documents.
3. Get caught.
4. Lie about it, saying that it was an “honest mistake” when you “inadvertently” stuffed the documents into your pants and socks and walked out of the building with them.
5. When nobody believes your story, admit that you stole them.
6. Get off with only a $50,000 fine, two years probation, and loss of your security clearance for three years.
7. Get a job as an advisor for Hillary Clinton.

It's just that easy! Don't believe me? Ask Sandy Berger.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Those Evil Americans

Torture, War Crimes, Illegal Occupation - We're led to believe these are the primary activities of Americans in Iraq. I just wanted to post a picture to remind us of what we don't hear about nearly often enough.

                                                                                                                        (AP)        U.S. soldier gives candy to an Iraqi boy in western Baghdad, Iraq.


In a FOXNews poll conducted in late September, 19% of democrats think that the world would be better off if the United States loses the war in Iraq. Another 20% said they didn't know.

That's nearly 2 out of 5 of democrats who either believe the world would be better off if the U.S. loses in Iraq or who think that the world might be better off in that scenario!

I don't even think I need to comment. Those numbers speak for themselves.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Vision of Reagan

March 23, 1983

Let me share with you a vision of the future which offers hope...

What if free people could live secure in the knowledge that their security did not rest upon the threat of instant U.S. retaliation to deter a Soviet attack, that we could intercept and destroy strategic ballistic missiles before they reached our own soil or that of our allies?

I know this is a formidable, technical task, one that may not be accomplished before the end of the century. Yet, current technology has attained a level of sophistication where it's reasonable for us to begin this effort. It will take years, probably decades of efforts on many fronts. There will be failures and setbacks, just as there will be successes and breakthroughs...

-Ronald Reagan

Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, or SDI was criticized by everyone from Mikhail Gorbachev to U.S. liberals, including the American media. It was dangerous, too expensive, and unrealistic. President Reagan, however, was unwavering.

Today, Reagan’s vision is, at least in part, a reality.

The system at this point is designed to defend against an attack, not from Russia, but from a country like North Korea or Iran. During a Tuesday Pentagon news briefing to discuss the results of last week’s successful missile defense test, director of the Missile Defense Agency Lieutenant General Henry Obering III had this to say:

...the system that we are fielding -- and I'll make it very clear -- has nothing to do with the Russians... this is clearly designed for North Korea and Iran, and there's a good technical foundation for that.

Although technological advances continue, Obering said in response to the question “Does it work?”

The answer is yes to that. Is it going to work against more complex threats in the future? We believe it will, as be [sic] bring more and more assets on line...

Obering agreed that this system is not designed for “hundreds of Russian missiles and thousands of warheads, with very advanced countermeasures.” However, he added that if countries like “North Korea, Iran or other rogue nations that may emerge” use “more advanced countermeasure techniques on their limited inventories,” the system “will be able to keep pace with that type of a progression.”

At the same Pentagon news briefing, the senior commander for defense of United States territory, General Victor Renuart Jr., was asked, “At this point is your system up and running 24/7?”

...we can bring missiles up or take them down as need be so that they can continue doing the testing. They'll move the radars in and out of the network so that they can continue software upgrades and the like. But in terms of do I feel comfortable that, should a threat develop... I'm fully confident that we have all of the pieces in place that, if the nation needed to, we could respond.

Thank you, Ronald Reagan

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