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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Dare the Mainstream Media to Broadcast This!

It's bad enough that Michael Moore, the propaganda filmmaker of the American Left, says that "Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven... To have it planned at the same time – that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for day one of the Republican Convention, up in the Twin Cities – at the top of the Mississippi River.”

Now we find that it's not only Moore who thinks that's funny.

In this video, we can hear and see former chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler joking with Democrat Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina, and smiling as he says that "the timing (of Hurricane Gustav hitting New Orleans) is, at least as it appears now, is that it will be there Monday. That just demonstrates God's on our side."

I challenge any of the major news outlets to report on any of this. I don't think it will happen.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Base is Energized!

SkyePuppy, a frequent commenter on this blog (and the owner of an excellent blog of her own), made this comment in reference to my post calling John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin a home run.
I heard a caller on Hugh Hewitt's radio show yesterday say that she had been one of McCain's hold-her-nose-and-vote style of "supporters." Now that he selected Palin, she's ready to put out a yard sign! This selection has energized the GOP base like nobody's business.

I agree with her; the base is energized like nobody's business. And if you want some evidence of that, how's this out of an article from the New York Times:

James C. Dobson, the influential conservative Christian leader who said in the primaries that he could never vote for Mr. McCain, said the selection of Ms. Palin had won him over. If he went into the voting booth today, Mr. Dobson told the talk radio host Dennis Prager on Friday, “I would pull that lever.”
Shift this race into high gear. Go McCain/Palin!

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Hits a Home Run with Palin!

How many times do we hear that this democrat or that democrat has hit a home run?

"Barack Obama Hits Home Run With Berlin Speech"

"Michelle Obama and Ted Kennedy Hit Home Runs"
Hillary Clinton "really knocked it out of the ballpark”
Alright, now it's my turn. By picking Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VP running mate, John McCain has hit a home run; he knocked it out of the ball park; he's hit a grand slam!

Conservatives who have been lukewarm for McCain have recently started to become at least a little more enthusiastic about him. The choice of Sarah Palin will solidify the conservative base. She gives conservatives something to really be excited about, finally.

Here is where Governor Palin stands on a few of the issues:
On Energy: Open ANWR for drilling
On Abortion: Staunchly Pro-life
On Gun Control: Member of the NRA
On Gay Marriage: Marriage only between a man and a woman
You get the idea.

In addition to solidifying the conservative base, Governor Palin gives disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters a reason to vote for the Republican ticket. I'm not suggesting that anyone should vote for a candidate because of that candidate's gender. I'm also not saying that all women or even that most women would vote for a candidate based only on gender. I am saying that there are some women who would have voted for Clinton because of her gender, and those women, many of whom have already said they would vote for McCain, may now feel more comfortable in doing so.

Sarah Palin brings youth to the Republican ticket; she brings change to the Republican ticket; she brings strong conservativism to the Republican ticket; she brings excitment to the McCain candidacy.

John McCain hit a home run with Sarah Palin.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Great Moments in Presidential Candidate Speeches" - #2

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The hypocrisy of it all!

Does anyone but me see the hypocrisy in this?

The Global Poverty Act (S. 2433) , a bill sponsored by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, would “require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty...” The bill, if signed into law, would cost American taxpayers 845 billion dollars, which comes out to more that $2,500 for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

So, Senator Obama wants to tax the American people for the purpose of reducing global poverty; most people know this. What most people don’t know is that Senator Obama has a half-brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama, who lives in abject poverty in a shack in Kenya.

Now, here’s the hypocrisy: Senator Obama knows of his half-brother’s existence - he mentioned him in one paragraph of his autobiography, calling him a "beautiful boy with a rounded head”; furthermore, he visited him during a 2006 trip to Nairobi, and he evidently did nothing to help relieve his brother’s poverty! George Obama still lives in his shack.

The Italian edition of Vanity Fair quotes George Obama: "No-one knows who I am...I live here on less than a dollar a month." The Senator’s brother said that he was embarrassed by his poverty and, therefore, rarely admits to being related to the U.S. presidential candidate. "If anyone says something about my surname, I say we are not related. I am ashamed.”

Barrack Obama wants to spend 845 billion tax dollars to reduce global poverty, but he does nothing to help relieve the shame and embarrassment felt by his brother living on a dollar a month in Kenya?

Explain that one to me.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Who do you want in charge?

If you've been following the developments in the Russian-Georgian war, you probably read these quotes and others like them:

"The war in Georgia escalated dangerously last night after Russian jets reportedly bombed a vital pipeline that supplies oil to the West."

"Russian forces have seized a "large arsenal" of U.S.-made weapons in the western Georgian city of Senaki including hundreds of assault rifles..."

"A Russian military convoy advanced to within 55 km (34 miles) of Tbilisi on Friday..."

You've probably also read that Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili told CNN, "The bombs that are falling on us, they have an inscription on them: This is for NATO. This is for the U.S.

What's the conflict about? Russian power? Probably. Control of oil and natural gas? Probably. Two major pipelines carry oil and gas from fields in the Caspian Sea through Georgia and to the West.

Now, throw into that mix the saber-rattling of a top Russian general who said last week that Poland's agreement to deploy a a US missile-interceptor base exposes them to attack, possibly by nuclear weapons.

This is an extremely dangerous situation, not just for Georgia and Poland, not just for that area, but for all of us.

That being the case, who do you want making U.S. foreign policy decisions? Your choices:

1. Senator McCain: A U.S. Naval Academy graduate who served 22 years in the military, who flew numerous bombing missions in Vietnam, who was shot down during his 23rd mission, causing him to eject, which knocked him unconscious and broke both arms and a leg, who then spent 5 1/2 years as a POW in Hanoi, who is a recipient of the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross, who served as the naval liaison to the United States Senate, who served four years in the U.S. House of Representatives, who has served 22 years in the U.S. Senate, and who is the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee

2. Senator Obama: A person who organized job training programs and voter registration drives in Chicago, who has been in the U.S. Senate for 3 years, who is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who claims he knows more and understands the world better than Senator McCain, and who bases that claim upon "having lived in Indonesia for four years, having family that is impoverished in small villages in Africa" and upon taking a trip to Pakistan while in college and staying with that friend's family for three weeks.

The world is a dangerous place. If you and your family were aboard a commercial airliner cruising at 30,000 feet and there were an explosion in one of the engines, who would you want at the controls: a pilot with hundreds of thousands of miles under his belt, or one who just earned his commercial license three months ago?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Great Moments in Presidential Candidate Speeches

I don't really want to turn this into just an anti-Barack Obama blog, although it would be easy to do. I want to continue to focus on a wide array of conservative thought and issues. Having said that, however, I now have to say that lately Mr. Obama and some of his supporters (see Ludacris post) have given me material that's just too good to ignore.

If you've ever watched "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches" on the David Letterman show, you know that the segment is dedicated to making fun of President Bush's public speaking ability. Well, let me submit the following video for a new segment that Letterman might want to consider for his show. He could call it "Great Moments in Presidential Candidate Speeches."

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