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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Evidence of Global ... er ... Warming?

Snowflakes were spotted in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday. That's Tuesday, November 21 (autumn, not winter), 2006 (well into the age of SUV's and atmosphere-polluting industries). That’s Orlando, in the center of the sunshine state.

There wasn't a lot of snow, just a few flakes. Just think, if it weren't for the evil United States and its careless, thoughtless environmental policies, Orlando residents might have been able to build snowmen this week.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why I Hate Hollywood

O.K., sorry about the title of this post. It makes me sound like a right-wing, radical hatemonger. But so much of what's wrong with society is embodied in Hollywood values. Case in point: Actress Scarlett Johansson , who is so "socially aware" that she gets tested for HIV twice a year, is criticizing President Bush for opposing abortion and for encouraging abstinence education in schools.

We are supposed to be liberated in America but if our President had his way, we wouldn't be educated about sex at all. Every woman would have six children and we wouldn't be able to have abortions.
Obviously, Johansson's way is better: Have as much sex as you want, with whomever you want. Get tested for HIV twice a year, and if you get pregnant, have an abortion.

What a plan.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congratulations Democrats

Had the Republicans held control of the House in yesterday's election, we almost certainly would have heard by now of how they "stole the election." We almost certainly would have heard allegations of "widespread voter fraud" and "disenfranchisement."

I'm not going to go that route, and I hope that Republicans in power won't either. I'll just say "congratulations."

Now that the results are in (at least in the House), Democrats and Republicans both have work to do. Democrats had better show the country how all of their better ideas are going to lead us in the right direction. Republicans had better figure out why they lost and fix it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Calling All Republicans (and conservative or moderate Democrats)

You know what the stakes are. If you don't want a San Francisco liberal determining what bills reach the floor of the House of Representatives, and what bills do not, then it is critical that you get out and vote on Tuesday.

If the Democrats win control of the House, Nancy Pelosi will become speaker of the house, and in that role she will have the power to move along bills that reflect her San Francisco values. What are those values? Here's an example.

Legal abortions for everyone, through all nine months.

Higher taxes.

Government control over health care.

Free public education, and welfare and Medicaid benefits to illegal immigrants.

Gay marriage.
You get the idea, but don't take my word for it. Look up her voting record.

The point is if these are not your values, it's critical to get out and vote for the Republican congressional candidate in your district. Encourage your friends to do the same.

Some may wonder what their vote in central Indiana, Texas, Kansas, etc. has to do with a San Francisco liberal. The answer is that your vote and the votes of your friends and neighbors may just be what it takes to keep Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco values out of power.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dems Struggling in Foley's Old District

Even the unofficial Democratic National Committee press agency, otherwise known as The New York Times, is beginning to sound a bit concerned about Democrat chances of gaining control of the House in next week's election.

The Times reports today that Joe Negron, the Republican running to replace Mark Foley in Florida's 16th Congressional District, is "running almost neck and neck with Tim Mahoney, the Democrat."

Question: If Democrats can't win in the former district of Mark Foley, what makes them so sure of their chances of winning everywhere else?

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