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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hate-Speech from the Left

Shown above is a picture of the left-wing Huffington Post blog article posted on July 3 by Erik Sean Nelson. Nelson's post was entitled "Palin Will Run In '12 On More Retardation Platform."

The following is from the text of that post:

In Sarah Palin's resignation announcement she complained about the treatment of her son Trig who always teaches her life lessons. She said that the "world needs more Trigs, not fewer." That's a presidential campaign promise we can all get behind. She will be the first politician to actually try to increase the population of retarded people. To me, it's kinda like saying the world needs more cancer patients because they teach us such personal lessons.

Her first act as President: To introduce a Pre-K lunch buffet that includes lead paint chips. Sort of a Large HEAD-START Program.

She will then encourage women to hold off on pregnancies until their 40's just to mix up some chromosomes.

She now is in favor of abortion only in case of diploid birth.

Her policies will increase jobs because Wal-Mart is building new stores each day and someone has to be the greeter.

This will lead to smaller government because fewer Americans will have the cognitive ability to hold a government job.

Nelson later removed the post with the following "apology."

Within ten minutes of my post I received some emails from the loved ones of the retarded and I saw that my piece was hurtful. Therefore, I removed the post right after receiving the first 2 emails.

If this were a conservative writing this kind of trash, he would be lambasted in the media and fired, and rightfully so. And that miserable and disingenuous excuse for an apology wouldn't save him, nor should it. It's pathetic.

So what about Nelson? As of the time of this posting, he's still a contributor for The Huffington Post.


Anonymous Scott said...

I have spent a lot of time with the intellectually disabled through my son's Special Olympics activities. I have found that I prefer their company to most other people I have met....especially liberals.

This bozo probably approved of Hitler's way of dealing with the disabled.

7:31 PM  
Blogger SkyePuppy said...

People on the Left are allowed to say stuff like that, because everyone knows that conservatives (especially undereducated hicks like Palin and "retards" like Trig) are subhumans who deserve mistreatment. All the other elitist snobs the Lefties know agree with them about the Right.

Left means never having to say you're sorry.

1:02 PM  

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