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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why I Hate Hollywood

O.K., sorry about the title of this post. It makes me sound like a right-wing, radical hatemonger. But so much of what's wrong with society is embodied in Hollywood values. Case in point: Actress Scarlett Johansson , who is so "socially aware" that she gets tested for HIV twice a year, is criticizing President Bush for opposing abortion and for encouraging abstinence education in schools.

We are supposed to be liberated in America but if our President had his way, we wouldn't be educated about sex at all. Every woman would have six children and we wouldn't be able to have abortions.
Obviously, Johansson's way is better: Have as much sex as you want, with whomever you want. Get tested for HIV twice a year, and if you get pregnant, have an abortion.

What a plan.


Blogger SkyePuppy said...

I read a similar article about Miss Scarlett a month ago. She said she's not promiscuous. She's a serial monogamist, which is so much better.

I believe that if the President had his way, every woman would be married before she started having as much sex as she wants and the kids that come with it, and then abortions wouldn't be an issue at all.

But of course, Hollywood's sex kittens are ever so much wiser than the rest of us...

11:45 PM  
Blogger Malott said...


The Lord has a better plan.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Jacob said...

Um, isn't it a good thing that she's setting an example by having herself tested frequently?

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Jacob... you are the reason why I can't stand the sheeple who follow the aristocrats of our day.

No, it's not a good example.

10:51 PM  
Blogger westernrider said...

Was going to be blown up by the plane that crashed in Penn. on 9/11. WHY DID THEY INTERFERE???
Lived in the dump for 3 years. Offered ways "into" the business. Said NO every time.
Roommate raped by top modeling agent in his office. 16 years old.
Good friend starred in some Francis Ford Coppola productions. He was told by exec at Paramount to be his bitch. Said "fuck you." Couldn't get work after that.
Produces crap.
Scarlett Johannssen is not even good looking. No one is there. They have to shove this garbage in people's faces like it serves some purpose!
Hollywood, YOU SERVE NO PURPOSE! Except to cause wars with other nations because all you can produce is smut!
I don't keep track of it. I have banned it from my life.
With the way natural disasters have been going, there is hope. California will just crumble one day. I won't be there "helping out."

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Global Warming will be the reason one day why California will be under water, Los Angeles is near the ocean and Hollywood, bye, bye.

6:02 AM  

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